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The essentials to get started with Telness. Some good things to know for all new users.

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Welcome to Telness! 👋

  • When registering your Telness subscription, you will receive a confirmation e-mail confirming your order.

  • When your number has been approved to be transfered to Telness (only relevant if you have chosen to move your mobile number to Telness) your new Telness SIM card will be delivered about one week before your start date.

  • If you orderd a new number the SIM card will be delivered as soon as possible.

  • On the start date, replace your old SIM with your new Telness SIM. Your number will work as usual

Frequently asked:

The text message confirmation said my mobile number could not be moved to Telness. What to do?
Follow the instructions here

I chose a new mobile number and start date "Directly". When is my SIM card delivered?
Then you will receive delivery about 5 working days after your order.

Will there be any interruption on my number when I switch to Telness?
No. When you switch to your new Telness SIM card on your start date, it will work immediately. Your old subscription will work as usual right until the switch.

What size of SIM card do I get?
You get a "Triple SIM". It fits all mobile phone models. Just push out the size you need for your smartphone.


Your new Telness voicemail will reach you on number 144. The first time you call 144, enter your voicemail and select a PIN to the voicemail. Read more

Data and MMS settings

When you switch to Telness, your phone automatically sets all new settings.
However, if you don't get internet access or have MMS problems, restart the phone and make sure you have the correct settings for data and MMS

User login

You can log in to Telness from your start date.
Here you can see how much you used your mobile subscription and manage settings and services. Log in with your mobile number and enter the PIN you receive on SMS. No more passwords or usernames to keep track of.


If you are an administrator, you can log in to your company account using Mobile BankID.
From now on, you can easily manage your companys telco solution onlineand completely digital at Telness. No more phone queues, messy e-mails or forms to fill out.
You get total control over the company's mobile subscriptions and services. You can manage invoices, add new subscriptions, make changes to services, settings, and more.


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