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Transfer number to Telness
Transfer number to Telness

Is it possible to transfer my number to Telness?

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Yes, of course you can transfer your current number from your old mobile operator to Telness! It is easy and doesn't coast anything. 

Follow these steps: 

  1. When you order your subscription you will get two choices: transfer a current number or choose a new one. Choose to transfer a number. 

  2. Write your number and the date you want it to be transferred. It takes minimum five days to transfer a number. 

  3. Choose if there is a private person or a company that owns the number today, and type in the personalnumber/organisationnumber. 

The website will look like this: 

As long as you type in the right information and your subscription doesn't have any binding period left with your old mobile operator your number will be transferred to us at the date you choose. You will get a Telness-simcard a couple of days before your number is being transferred so you are ready when the number moves. 

If your old mobile operator doesn't accept the transfer of the number we will let you know right away by SMS. We will also send you an e-mail with the information about why we couldn't move the number and how we will solve this. 

Remember that we always are here for you if you have any further questions! 

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